A unique patented combination of
paracetamol and ibuprofen

MAXIGESIC®is a unique, patented combination of paracetamol 500mg and ibuprofen 150mg, that combines the power of these two ingredients to provide better pain relief than paracetamol or ibuprofen alone 1,2, and reduce fever and inflammation.

Fast, effective relief for a wide
range of pain

MAXIGESIC ® was developed as a better alternative for pain relief than other combination painkiller products, particularly those containing codeine.


  Migraine Headache

  Tension Headache

  Muscular Pain


  Period Pain


  Rheumatic pain


  Dental procedures

  Aches and pain from colds and flu

  Sinus pain

  Sore throat

  Tennis elbow

  MAXIGESIC® also reduces fever

Get better, faster pain relief 1,2

Effectively reduces pain

At maximum dosage, MAXIGESIC provides 78% more effective pain relief than paracetamol2 and 36% more effective relief than ibuprofen2

Get the maximum dosage

The only combination analgesic that provides the maximum daily OTC dosage of paracetamol 4000mg and ibuprofen 1200mg, if required.*

Easy dosing regime

Simple, flexible dose of 1–2 tablets every 4–6 hours as required, up to a maximum 8 tablets per day.

*2 tablets of MAXIGESIC ® taken every 4–6 hours over a 24
hour period (8 tablets maximum)

Developed in NZ and going global

MAXIGESIC ® was invented and developed in New Zealand by Hartley Atkinson, the founder of AFT Pharmaceuticals. Introduced in New Zealand in 2009, this world-first specific combination analgesic now has license agreements in over 125 countries around the world.