Triple-action cold, flu and sinus relief

MAXIGESIC PE ® is a world-first specific combination of paracetamol 500mg, ibuprofen 150mg and phenylephrine 2.5mg, developed right here in New Zealand for triple-action cold, flu and sinus relief.

MAXIGESIC PE® targets cold,
flu and sinus symptoms

MAXIGESIC PE ® is designed to provide relief from the following symptoms:

Body aches & pains

Fever & inflammation

Headache & sore throat

Blocked & runny nose

Get the better, faster pain relief of MAXIGESIC 1,2 through the combination
of two types of pain relief with a nasal decongestant for
triple-action cold, flu and sinus relief.

Developed in NZ

MAXIGESIC PE ® was developed in New Zealand by Hartley Atkinson, founder of AFT Pharmaceuticals. It is the first range extension to MAXIGESIC ®, also developed by Dr Atkinson and introduced in New Zealand in 2009.